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Reviewed by Maureen Shannon, NJPCUG




Here’s a departure from the usual type of software I review. Normally I’m telling you about graphic or web related products. This time I have done a complete 360º turn and have something on a totally different plane. This software concerns itself with biorhythms and how to calculate them. As much as I love anything graphic or web related, I must confess to having had fun reviewing this one. And at being a little startled at what I saw.


Our lives run in cycles. We have periods of highs and lows and if they were charted they could theoretically help us better plan our days or function at a better level. They would point out to us what days are good and which ones are bad with respect to our physical, emotional, intellectual, and intuitive values. Such as what days are not good for making major life changing decisions and which ones are. And there would be days when we should avoid certain things. We would be able to preview a forecasted chart of upcoming days and compare it to our plans or schedules.  Would it help to know what days we are more intuitive and aware? How about which are our most creative days? Would it help us to know that on a certain day we are at our best if on that day we had a big business deal or project? We can chart our biorhythmic ebbs and flows with this simple to use application from the White Stranger Group.


Am I sounding a little mystical? No, I’m not bent over a crystal ball wearing flowing garb and long dangling earrings. No gypsy wagon is parked in my yard and we’re not dancing to the music of violins and tambourines! Actually charting biorhythms is a practice that has been in use for thousands of years in the Eastern cultures and more recently in the West. I-Ching practiced over 3000 years ago in the East, known as the Book of Changes, and was based on biorhythms. It isn’t some New Age idea. You don’t have to believe any of this to try it. It can be for fun as well as to try and help you plan your life.  And you no longer have to make calculations with a pencil and paper, you can do it with your computer!


Biorhythms are not a form of divination. There are no astrological or others types of fortune telling practices here. No Tarot cards or Runes to read. Along with many others, I have long been fascinated by astrology and other forms of predicting things that may occur in our future.  Explaining why certain people born under a particular sign have certain traits is fascinating. In 1968, Linda Goodman’s book Sun Signs appeared on the market place and became a best seller, I bought a copy and still have it along with her other books. I find the subject matter very interesting. I may not agree with everything I read, and I don’t live my life by it, but I found a lot of it to be surprisingly accurate and very attention-grabbing. So when the opportunity to review a product that indicates our biorhythms came along I was interested to see what it was all about. It offered the opportunity to look at things that affect us from another prospective. After all, for many, many centuries people have turned to seers, mystics, shamans, or any one else who could help them to foresee the future or to help them when they were about to embark on an adventure or make a major decision. I’m not all that different from them. I’m curious too.


Our biorhythms begin when we are born. I can’t remember back that far! So I looked back over events in my life to see what days were good or bad and may have affected me decisions or other physical or emotional behavior on those days. Shall we say some things were almost scary!


This is my chart for today, which is March the 25th, 2004. Your biorhythm charts are based on your day of your birth. The chart even tells you how may days you have lived! If you can see the downward dips in the chart…….that’s me the past few weeks. Now what’s really interesting here is that is exactly, and I mean exactly, how I have been feeling the past few weeks. My “Primary” rhythms were running at an average of 2%. I was basically a vegetable during this time! I have had no ambition, no creative bursts, and have generally been in a blue funk. I don’t mean cabin fever or winter doldrums, just not up to my usual self spending half my life at the computer being productive. Not much else has been of interest during this period either. I have accomplished next to nothing during this time.


 Last week had my least ambitious days and when I saw it on the chart I was totally surprised at what I was looking at. So is there a reason for checking our biorhythm charts and seeing what are our best and worst days are?  Does it explain why we feel less energetic and alert at certain times? Would it help to know what days are critical? Could be! Curiously enough, yesterday I had an increase in my interests. I caught up on a bunch of user group stuff, did a lot of email replying, and made a baby sweater and some booties. I was feeling totally different than I was the week before. I did more of the same today. When I installed this software today and began to play/work with it, it showed me that my biorhythms were rising now! I remember reading in Linda Goodman’s Star Signs book that we had periods that were good and bad for us. It revealed that twice a year I had periods of time when I was more prone to accidents or ill health. January and February and then July and August are bad for me, according to that book. If you put stock in this at all, I shattered my leg in August one year and then years later in February I was hurt again fracturing my back and damaging disks, smashing the same knee that was destroyed earlier, plus other injuries! Coincidence that these were during my “low” periods when I am supposedly more prone to accidents? Would it have helped to me if I had had the book or some other method of seeing what periods were bad for me before I was injured? I have no idea but isn’t it strange that it did happen during this “bad” time? And that both astrological and biorhythm charting indicated that these times were lows in my life cycle. Am I so modern that I can rule out ancient possibilities? I know that I wouldn’t plan my life around good or bad predictions in a book but perhaps I might have been more alert to the possibility that things can go wrong during these times…….. So maybe looking at biorhythms might be a good thing to do! It certainly couldn’t hurt. For every argument that all this is nonsense something pops up to make me wonder otherwise!


After seeing the past two weeks, I looked back into other days. It gets weirder or more revealing……..

Here’s the day my son was born. My physical value was at 97%... a good thing too. After 13 hours of hard back labor, he’s lucky he didn’t get put up for adoption! The rest of me was wiped out according to the chart. Seriously what was surprising was that it was a day for top physical values. Considering that I was having a baby on that day, I certainly needed a high value in this area.  I do think my emotional values should be much better on that day but then it was an emotionally draining day. I wonder if that’s what those emotional values are meant to indicate?



The is the interface for the Advanced Biorhythm  Calculator application. It has four tabs with the various values. The first has the Primary rhythms, the second the Secondary rhythms, the third has I-Ching values, and the last tab indicates Compatibility.


Primary rhythms: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Intuitive

Quoted from the Help File to give you an example of what the cycles encompass:

Primary rhythms

The three primary biorhythm cycles are:

Physical: The 23-day physical cycle tracks the man's strength, endurance, powers and state of health.

Emotional: The 28-day emotional cycle tracks the stability and positive energy of your psyche and outlook on life, as well as your capacity to empathize with and build rapport with other people.

Intellectual: The 33-day cycle is representative of man's intellectual dynamics: verbal, mathematical, symbolic, and creative abilities, as well as your capacity to apply reason and analysis to the world around you. “


Secondary: Wisdom, Mastery, and Passion

I-Ching: Aesthetic, Self-Awareness, and Spiritual

Compatibility: Physicial, Emotional and Intellectual


It also has two person profiles, calculations dates, and when you click on the day indicated, it gives you the values for that day according to which area you are viewing. It will show you which values are rising, falling and the percentage of the value.


This is the I-Ching tab for another day in my life. Aesthetically I was pretty good. My awareness on that day was 1% and my spirituality was at 4%! Over all I was at 26%, so much for a day to make major life changes and decisions! You have to maintain a sense of humor looking back on things. I really like the little rain clouds showing up in my awareness and spirituality! Like a little hammer smacking me on the head saying “What were you thinking?”






  This is the information for the Secondary rhythms on the day mentioned above. My wisdom was at 14%. Mastery and Passion were better. One was above the halfway mark and one just approaching it. I had sunshine with the clouds in the Mastery area. Mastery equals Intellectual + Physical. Wisdom is Emotional + Intellectual (obviously not a strong point that day). J Passion is Physical + Emotional values. I have to admit that this really got very interesting as I looked at certain days that I distinctly remembered as having some impact on my life. Just for laughs I checked the day I was born. My physical values were at 97%, good thing for me. My emotional state was at 78%.....happy to be here, I guess, my intellectual and intuitiveness were low. Not surprising, I had just arrived. All of my values had rising tides. Is this fun or what? It’s really quite fascinating to explore. All of my values on that day were rising! The only ebbs were in areas that I hadn’t developed yet and yet they were on the rise.


I would love to quote the classification of relationships here but you should read it for yourself. It’s both interesting and challenging to what you may think you know about relationships when you look at it from the biorhythms theory. Oh and if you read the press release on the web site accompanying the discount offer on this product, one of the features in the relationship area is large selection of celebrity profiles...for those curious to know what “celebs” they may be compatible with. It says you may be compatible with Kurt Russel (ladies) or for the men Brittany Spears….I tried it just for the fun of it……sadly Kurt and I are not a go, Goldie need not worry! However things look good with David Carradine or Paul Michael Glaser. If you don’t know who these stars are, David Carradine played the character Kwai Chang Caine in the Kung Fu and Kung Fu the Legend Continues series’ and Paul Michael Glaser played Starksy on Starsky and Hutch. Two of my favorite shows from way back when. Clearly this software has its lighter side too!





















I wasn’t the only test subject for this either. My friend David called me this evening and I was telling him about this application. He has other software that does similar charting and he asked me to run several charts for him. He also had some pretty surprising results. Then I ran it using my sister’s birth date and checking her values for the end of February and the beginning of March. This too surprised me. In the end of February, she had her yearly check up and was told she needs to have open heart surgery. Her values for these days were very bad. The second chart indicates a “Critical” day. Her overall primary values were at 17%! The charts above are hers. Emotionally it was a very upsetting time for her and the chart reveals that. She was at 1% emotionally and declining physically.


Whether you are interested in learning if something that had a particular outcome in the past was because of the influences of your biorhythms on that day or want to see what is ahead with regard to planning things, you may want to take a look at this application. You do not have to necessarily believe in its theories to try it. I can’t say if it’s science or science fiction. Neither can I explain why so many things that I looked up seemed to accurately depict what was going on at the time. Try it and have some fun with it. You may just be surprised at the forces at work in this universe! Please visit our web site for information about a discount offer from White Stranger Group’s Advanced Biorhythm Calculator or try the free version on their